Capability Demonstrations

ORCA is committed to showing stakeholders the progress being made across its Research Themes via regular agile demonstrations which contribute to the Capability Challenges laid out at the start of the project.

The ORCA Hub architecture couples EPSRC core support with matching financial support from industry and innovation agency partners. It connects core research achieving Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5 capability demonstrations of challenges derived from industry specified use-cases with partnership projects and other impact acceleration instruments involving SMEs, operators and the supply chain to de-risk further to TRL7 in the Hub.

The focus of our demonstrations is guided by input from the Industrial Leadership and Opportunities Panel.

ORCA field trials at The Underwater Centre, Fort William, July 2018

To date we have held three capability demonstrations showcasing research from across each of our four focus areas. Find out more about our previous demonstrations via the individual links below.

October 2019 - National Renewable Energy Centre, Blyth

October 2018 - Fire Service College - Moreton-on-Marsh

July 2018 - The Underwater Centre, Fort William

The feedback we’ve had from the industry partners so far - they can see the real application for some of the research that’s being done. Really fantastic progress.

Rebecca Allison - Manager of the Asset Integrity Solution Centre, The OGTC

Photos from the rig site demonstrations at Fire Service College.
Photos from the Fort William demonstrations, July 2018

Andrew Tyrer - Head of Enabling Technologies, Innovate UK:

“It’s really exciting to see new technologies, new ways of working that can use robots - which not only scale but also take the person out of that dangerous situation.”