Engaging with ORCA Hub

The engagement between ORCA Hub academics and industry companies and organisations is vital to the success of our mission.

The ORCA Hub relies on industry working with our university partners to shape, mould and direct our research so that it provides the foundations on which new and ground-breaking technology in the offshore industry can be built.

If the work being carried out within the Hub could improve your business by providing technological advancements that could make your business safer, cleaner, more efficient, more productive and/or more cost effective, we encourage you to engage with us and our work.

July 2021 engagement opportunity: Register for our upcoming deep-dive information sessions at:

Challenge Information Webinars

How to engage (clockwise): Attend demonstrations and events, inform research priorities, invest in collaborative industry projects, provide technical and operational support, sponsor outreach activities.

Use Cases

Industry driven use cases are the bridge that connects our research to the offshore market. They are the operational challenges that cause downtime, unsafe working and inefficiencies.

In order to solve the problems that matter most to industry, we need use cases that our research can solve. We encourage any company working in the offshore environment to tell us about your challenges so we can work together to solve them.

Levels of engagement with ORCA

Collaborative Industry Projects

The most effective form of engagement is to become actively involved in the translation of our research. By engaging directly with us in a project we will work collaboratively together to transition ORCA Hub applied research into your organisation.

In doing so, you will gain access to early stage technology that could benefit your business and differentiate you from your peers.

Have a use case or challenge you think we can work together to solve? Follow the below process.

Collaborative Industry Project process

Contact ORCA Hub Business Development Executive, David Wavell, to discuss how you can engage with the Hub.

Andrew Tyrer - Head of Enabling Technologies, Innovate UK:

“Industry is actually engaged with the Hub... it’s not just waiting for its results, its actually working to produce those results through the life of the Hub.”

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