Work Themes

The ORCA Hub’s key research objective is to develop technologies that enable reliable, robust and certifiable robot assisted asset inspection, autonomous decision making and intervention capabilities for the offshore domain, with specific focus on challenges inherent to this extreme, unpredictable environment — across the aerial, topside and marine domain.


The key scientific challenges for this are:

Mapping and surveying of complex structures using multiple robots equipped with distributed, mobile optical and acoustic spatial sensors and industry accepted non-destructive evaluation (NDE) sensors. Led by Professor Yvan Petillot.


Planning and execution of efficient, localisable and repeatable navigation and interaction of heterogeneous robotic deployment platforms (wheeled and legged for topside, aerial, marine) for sensor placement and manipulation – with specific emphasis on failure prediction, re-planning and recovery strategies. Led by Dr Michael Mistry.


Human-machine teaming through effective communication of world view, system actions and plan failures between remote robot and operator to develop trust and avoid unnecessary aborts. Led by Professor Helen Hastie.


The design of robotic systems that can self-certify and guarantee their safe operation, and can predict and diagnose faults. Led by Professor David Flynn.